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Petits et maman kids elephant plate / BLUE (New)

chair-ish the moments

  • $1700

Children can be picky eaters, to make them like even a little to enjoy eating can be a tedious task. The new happy color series responded to Mama's heart. It is also perfect for birthday parties! Coordinate the happy colorful kids ' plate with the gentle warmth of natural wood. Kids like plates with shapes of animals, cars, flowers, to make them fall in love with food.

The shape of an elephant with a blue color divider plate. Material is wood and plenty of warmth. Have your rice balls wrapped in seaweed on the part of the elephant body.

Brand: Petits et maman
Size: 17x14cm 
Material: natural wood (pine)
Surface coating: polyurethane coating
Production country: Philippines

Product of: Japan


* May be tarnished with scrub brush, wash gently

* Do not touch too strong acid such as vinegar, and lemon juice

* Do not immerse for a long time in the water

* After use with detergent, such as wash, wipe with cloth and dry it well in shade away from sun 

* Please note if insufficient dry will cause mildew. Keep good ventilation when not in use. 

* Do not use a microwave oven, dishwasher, dish drying machines

* (Please note the kid carrying the big elephant plate is a big lunch plate, but ours is the petitie version)


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