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chair-ish the moments

  • $650

Design: Oh My! It’s an adorable penguin paper balloon. Each balloon has a string so you can hang it as a paper mobile for decorations.

Description: We love the retro look of this! These cute paper balloons automatically brighten up the play room or use them for birthday parties. Hang a few of them up on a twine rope as a paper mobile and watch how your kids get mesmerised by these fun paper balloons which help in their learning as well.

Measurements: φ 1700mm (measured flat, without the wings)
Material: Japanese Traditional Washi Paper.

Made in: Japan by one of the only few paper balloon makers left today in Japan

Packaging: Flat Packed in Envelope

Colors: Choose from 4 colours: Black-White, Black-Pink, Pink, Sky Blue or Blue. (Indicate during check out)

Blowing Tip: Use a drinking straw to blow up the balloons

Pre-Orders Open: We will close all pre-orders on the 31st Aug. All paper balloons are shipped directly from Japan & will take 2 weeks to arrive. Each kamifusen is handmade & subject to stocks availability. In the event the item is sold out, we will do a refund.

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