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chair-ish the moments

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Design: Fugu (blowfish) family paper balloons in a set of 3. They do not have strings attached to each balloons so you will need to add strings if you would like to hang them. String can be easily attached to the balloon with some washi tape.

Description: We love the retro look of this! These cute paper balloons automatically brighten up the play room! Hang a few of them up on a twine rope as a paper mobile and watch how your kids get mesmerised by these fun paper balloons which help in their learning as well.

Measurements: φ30cm/21cm/14cm (measured flat)
Material: Japanese Traditional Washi Paper
Made in: Japan by one of the only few paper balloon makers left today in Japan

Packaging: Flat Packed in Envelope

Colors: *Colours of the balloons in each set will vary.

Blowing Tip: Use a drinking straw to blow up the balloons

Pre-Orders Open: We will close all pre-orders on the 31st Aug. All paper balloons are shipped directly from Japan & will take 2 weeks to arrive. Each kamifusen is handmade & subject to stocks availability. In the event the item is sold out, we will do a refund.

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