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Chair-ish the Moments

Chair-ish the Moments would like to bring a throwback to a past where we don’t just embrace the good old days, but also the look and the lifestyle inspiring us to bring back timeless designs! Nostalgia makes us think of a quote from Marcel Proust “the past recaptured” to create a retro vibe for vintage lovers to enjoy the "sound" of colours from the past era in our present lifestyle . 
Both vintageholics also love to style our living spaces, share home and decor ideas, plus some good organisation and “recycle” tips.
Chair-ish the Moments vision is more of storytelling like apartment therapy, with a shop within it. In fact we don't call ourselves sellers, but curators. It's a process where out of so many things out there, we curate our products with a sharp eye for trending lifestyle and choose the more interesting items to put at our little shop that will suit your home.

What makes us happy running a small business? What is special about our relationship with our customers is that we want the customers to feel like they're part of our friends and family. We as the store owners don't just provide goods and services. We can also become valuable support structures within creative communities.

Fiona and Justina

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